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"If we can be remembered for helping
people grow personally, that's just as
important to us as the success we've had."

Robert Stevanovski, Chairman & Co-Founder of ACN

Robert Stevanovski, ACN Chairman & Co-Founder


Robert Stevanovski is Chairman and Co-Founder of ACN Inc, a direct selling company formed in 1993. ACN's Co-Founders have expanded their business opportunity from a single long distance product in the U.S. to a large portfolio of products in more than 20 countries.

Robert focuses on ACN's product portfolio, making sure the company is always providing the best products and services possible to its customers and that the ACN home-based business is leading the direct selling field in offering essential home and small business services.

Along with his dedication to product development, he is a driving force of international expansion. ACN first expanded to Canada in 1997, followed by multiple countries in Europe in 1999. More European countries soon followed, along with Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Robert and ACN's Co-Founders will continue to explore additional countries where entrepreneurs can take advantage of the powerful ACN business opportunity.

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